Best Cheap Dirt Bikes for Kids

In our research, we looked at a variety of cheap kids dirt bikes for sale. The good news? There are several excellent dirt bikes available at great prices! Below are our picks for the best dirt bikes for kids (don’t forget that helmet). If you’re in a hurry, check out our top pick and budget pick. These are the best dirt bikes for kids we’ve reviewed. Below, you’ll find the other dirt bikes for kids we recommend. Let’s get started!

Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14

This bike is one of the best cheap gas dirt bikes for sale. The Tao Tao Dirt Bike has the engine power to take off with little effort. Don’t be fooled by the small package – this bad boy will get the job done! The 4-stroke engine means that it will go easy on gas and be really easy to maintain. The kick-start engine makes it feel all the more authentic. It’s at a good, affordable price for the level of power and speed you’ll have with this model. It’s a lighter construction, but no less sturdy than steel-frame bikes. It doesn’t take very much to put it together, either – it’s already mostly together when it arrives on your doorstep. It’s great for running in the driveway and in the backyard – and on dirt backroads as well. And get this: it comes in green, red, and orange. The design quality and the choice of color definitely sets this bike at the front of the pack.

Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

This electric dirt bike isn’t just a kid’s dirt bike – it’s a fully functional scaled-down version of an actual pro bike. It’s got an affordable price and just enough power to make things exciting. 12mph is the most you’re going to get out of this bike, but that’s far from a drawback! As far as mini dirt bikes for kids go, this is a good fit. Kids between 8 and 13 will be able to blast over hills with ease for up to 30 minutes of use at a time. The tires are large, making all terrain driving easy. A steel frame makes it sturdy and reliable. There’s plenty of torque hiding in this small package! The best part? This scaled-down dirt bike has authentic suspension – in a smaller size, of course. Rocketing over hills and obstacles will be smoother than ever on this affordable dirt bike for kids. All of this combined makes this bike our budget pick – the best value for price of all the bikes we looked at.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

Coleman Powersports Mini Bike

The Coleman Powersports has got to be one of the best gas powered dirt bikes for 12 year olds. This mini dirt bike has some impressive power for its size! The tires on this thing are huge, which will make the ride much softer and smoother. The 4-stroke engine makes it gas-efficient while still being powerful. And because it’s a gas bike, it can run all day. It has a classic design and stable construction, making it that much more worth it. The price is great for a gas-powered bike. This bike is so tough that you can even take it for a spin when the kids aren’t looking. Maybe you’ll get a second one to accompany your kids on their adventures! Assembly is a little intensive, as with most gas-powered models. Still, it’s more than worth it for a bike of this quality. Fun and utility for kids of all ages makes this one impressive bike.

Coleman Powersports Mini Bike

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric

This bike is meant for older kids. Razor recommends this model for kids upwards of 16 years old, and it is definitely constructed to handle the weight. The design elements make this look like a true Supercross bike, complete with dual suspension and adjustable handlebars. Twelve hours on the charger and you’re ready for forty minutes of continuous use. It is more than just a scaled-down dirt bike for kids: it looks like a true dirt bike. It looks like a Yamaha dirt bike for kids, to be honest, and that’s pretty cool. Another cool thing about this bike? It’s totally meant to go off-roading. The motor generates more power in muddy and uphill conditions, making sure that you get the most out of your ride even on rough roads. It’s cool and authentic-looking enough to impress the dirt bike fans you have at home. Not to mention the cool colors it comes in – it looks like a true racing bike for grown ups.

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric

Flying Horse 2-Stroke Gas Bike

This cool pocket bike is powerful! As far as gas dirt bikes for kids go, this is an exceptional specimen. It looks like it could be a regular dirt bike, just smaller. With its 2-stroke engine, it will certainly sound like it! This bike comes in five colors (even pink!). It’s wonderful for beginners, as it’s pretty easy to start. It’s a pull-rope start, so easy a kid could do it! To run this bike, you will need to use a premix of oil and fuel, but that isn’t so unusual for gas-powered dirt bikes. It’s also advertised as an air-cool engine, which makes sure that it lasts longer. Overall this bike is pretty close to the real thing for smaller people. It’s gonna be loud, powerful, fun, and ride like a larger dirt bike. Don’t be scared away from this lesser-known brand name – this is still a quality bike for a great price and with excellent customer reviews online.

Flying Horse 2 Stroke Gas Bike

Coleman Powersports CT200U Camo

First off, this bike looks amazing. It may be small, but the power of the engine makes this bike extremely powerful for how small it is. Not to mention the camouflage paint job – perfect for off-roading on dirt bike trails in the woods. This 4-stroke engine will be easy on gas without sacrificing utility – not to mention it’ll be quiet enough to use residentially. This engine is a whopping 6.5 horsepower! To start the engine, you only need to pull the chain to start it up. It’s easy and fun! The sturdy metal construction is accented by included rails and a kickstand. The tires are low-pressure, meaning they’re going to glide over all types of rough terrain without being rough on your rider. This bike is exceptional both in design and performance. The rear, hand-operated brakes make stopping reliable and easy. It’s tough and high quality – definitely one of the best dirt bikes for sale right now.


Best Choice Kids’ Dirt Bike

Does your smaller child want ride like a pro? This is a perfect beginner dirt bike. This is definitely a toy – the wheels are plastic, for one. It reaches an exciting 2mph (perfect for younger kids). What it lacks in power, it makes up for in style and price. The manufacturer recommends this toy for kids from 3 to 8. It even has training wheels! As a bonus, these training wheels can be removed as your kid gets older, so you get more long-term value. If your kid is a little younger and wants to try riding a dirt bike, this is the bike to go with. It’s inexpensive and fun. It’s even a cool green color, and there’s a headlight on the front just for fun. Your younger kids will no doubt enjoy trying this bike on for size. Even more exciting, this bike has a very simple assembly. Even the least mechanically-savvy parents can help their kids realize their motocross dreams.


Razor Dirt Rocket SX500

The difference between this bike and the other Razor bikes on this list is the styling. Does your kid like to watch dirt bike races? If so, you might have heard of Jeremy McGrath. This bike is styled authentically after his bike – in miniature, of course. This isn’t just a kid’s dirt bike – this is a scaled-down version of the real thing! It takes 12 hours to charge the batter, by once it’s charged, it can hit speeds of 15mph for 40 minutes at a time. This bike really takes off! It’s well-made with a steel frame and Supercross-style suspension. For smaller riders, it also features a retractable kickstand. And you’re going to want to purchase this for smaller riders only – for a 9-year-old, this is the perfect bike. Any older and you might run into problems. But this bike is quiet and well-suited for the suburbs – and for going off-roading. The dual suspension means this bike will go over hills and bumpy dirt roads with no problem.


Moto Tec Electric Dirt Bike

The Moto Tech Electric bike is a good size for kids between 9 and 12 years old. The frame is made of steel, perfectly sturdy to handle the fun your kids are going to have riding it. The tires are large and textured to make the bumps and hills in the backyard more fun to handle. Speaking of handling, this bike handles great! With a smaller kid, this bike takes tight turns like a champ. The seat is padded and the handlebars adjust to make the ride smooth for kids of any size. It takes about six hours to fully charge, but the battery lasts for up to three hours of smooth-road riding. Here’s the kicker: this bike has three max speeds. Using a key lock, you can set the max speed the bike will go. For smaller kids, this gives you the option to make sure the bike is more suitable for them. That’s what makes this bike one of our top picks.


Razor MX650 Steel Bike

The Razor MX650 is an excellent electric dirt bike for kids. It’s affordable and is easily the sturdiest of the models we reviewed. The steel frame makes this bike heavier and very well-made. The two different color choices are delightful. And check this out – when it’s charged, the battery lasts around an hour. Assembly is easy even for a non-mechanic. Unlike the gas powered dirt bikes for kids on this list, the Razor MX650 runs very quietly and doesn’t smoke at all. You only have to charge it to get it to run. All in all, this is a great bike at a great price. It’s definitely not for smaller kids, but children between 10 and 13 years old should have a blast riding around the backyard on this bike. Price and function come together to make this one of the best electric dirt bikes for sale. Try it!